Why 106m.io

In the human body everything has a name and/or a number. Cranial nerves are numbered from I to XII, vertebrae have names like L1 or C3, and genes have weird abbreviations like MAML or GLOP.

Nerve 106M runs parallel to much more important ones in your neck. It has very little functionality, other than providing some sensory data about touch, not even pressure or cutting. It’s so minuscule, the 23% of humans who lack it don’t know they do.

Yet, it’s 106M. And because scientists do have a sense of humor, they named it “Jake and Elwood Forever,” because it’s always 106m to Chicago, dark, and there’s a need for sunglasses.

I love medicine. I don’t like rote learning, and I suck at memorizing things. I am also the worst test taker in history. Give me a patient with their legs ripped off, a gushing wound in their abdomen, rapidly declining vitals, and a poisonous snake still attached to their right ear… and my blood runs cold. I do my thing, I work, I fix. I understand. But give me a piece of a paper and a pen and I might as well never have been to med school or read a single book more complicated than “Peter Pretty goes to the Bakers” or something like that.

So I hang on to those small things. The genes called POKEMON or PIKACHU, the nerves with funny names, the MAML and MASTERMIND in Drosophila, and more.

And thus: 106m.io, because this is, what medicine is all about for me.

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