Twitch: Frag and a Chat

We are Hank, Alia, Mikka, Stephany, Mort, and Urs. We are gamers, streamers, and health care professionals, combining both our lust for objective release by fragging each other and the opposing team, and intelligent discourse about medicine.

Past Streams

  • It’s all Pandemic” – we raid Naxx in Classic and talk about the responses of various countries to the SARS-2 Pandemic.
  • Catheter all the way to the Moon” – nursing in 2020 and a round of Fall Guys
  • It was like that when I found it” – sexually transmitted diseases and Mikka sucks in Smash Bros.
  • “Then don’t do that” – healthcare 2020, health 2.0, and why surgeons are all assholes.
  • “NUUUUURSE” – sexism in medicine, Mort can’t heal, and Molten Core Farming for Transmogs
  • “Bend over, Genie, Wish is Wish” – Stephany talks about M4 and Internship in a changing medical world. In game we try out Last of Us. Well, Mort and Urs are.
  • Underwear Streaming – Mikka is at work, the rest in Quarantine and plays old Commodore games while discussing Ebola.

Upcoming Streams

  • “Fuck the Attending” — October 15 2020 — Mort and Stepanhy talk about Internships in the US and Europe, Urs about his German adventure, and Mikka has news. We’ll play Guild Wars 2 Living World Story 1.

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