Plater Nameplates for WoW (BFA and Shadowlands tested)

Nameplates for Plater, the thinking person’s nameplates. Used in our streams, and some people asked us how we did them, so here they are.

To download, open the link below and copy the string. Then import it as a “profile” in Plater (/plater to configure).

Plater strings are pretty long and if you’re running on a slightly anaemic machine this might “hang” the game for a second. Don’t worry, the final config won’t slow your machine down, it’s just the import and parsing that takes a second.

Important: this is a binary string. It might look scary, but no one is trying to “infect” your computer here. In general, however, always be careful when importing binary strings into your games. Luckily, Plater has a preview function and a warning system, so you know what you get when you get it.

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