JetBrains Mono + NerdFont + Awesome for Blink (iOS)

A great font for Blink Shell on the iPad or iPhone. Easily installed.


This is a CSS file to install JetBrains Mono plus patched Nerd Font glyphs (with ligatures, of course) in Blink.

JetBrains Mono is a beautiful code font with ligatures that just needed some TLC with NerdFont to become the perfect developer font for vim or Visual Studio Code.

Blink is my shell environment of choice on the iPad, because it supports Mosh, which is more or less a must-have for nomadic coders on the run. There is a Nerd Font version of JetBrains on Blink’s official repo, but it is missing some glyphs and has not been patched with Awesome as well. My version remedies this.

Note: I previously also submitted a pull request (update: it’s been merged) for Sauce Code Pro + Nerd Font + Awesome. If that’s more your cup of tea you can get it from Blink’s official repo or in the app.

You can either download the CSS file from here (see button below) or simply enter into the “import” dialogue in Blink. Download and inspect if you’re curious or suspicious (wouldn’t fault you).

If you downloaded the CSS file, you’ll have to upload it to one of your servers and call it from there, else use the URL above.


Open Settings on your iPad or iPhone. Using a keyboard that’s the usual “⌘-,” else it’s done by tapping with three fingers.

Select “Appearance,” then “Add New Font.”

Give it a great name and enter or your own URL in the URL field. Click “Import.”

After it has been imported do not forget to click “Save” on the top right.

Close the app and reopen it, go back to Appearance, the font should now be in your selection list.

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