iOS 14 (semi-annoying) Nerdery for Emergency Medicine Nerds

Being (slightly) annoying with iOS 14, Shortcuts, and some AED training prompts.

With iOS 14 we finally get automations when inserting or removing the charger. I am sure Apple thought this would be a good idea to, for example, dim lights or turn on Do Not Disturb. But we’ll be using it for something a little more fun: AED voice prompts.

  1. Download those two WAV files I made for you: Preparing Shock and Safe to Touch.
  2. Move them into the “Shortcuts” folder on your iCloud Drive
    • If the folder isn’t there, you need to open the “Shortcuts” app on your phone once. You might as well leave it open, you’ll need it in a second.
  3. In Shortcuts click on “Automation” at the bottom of the start screen.
  4. Click the ➕ sign on top right and choose “Create Personal Automation”
  5. Scroll all the way down and select “Charger”
  6. Make sure “Is Connected” is checked, and not “Is Disconnected”
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Click “Add Action” and in the Search field on top type “Get File” Click that
  9. Unselect “Show Document Picker” and in the resulting input write “preparing_shock.wav
  10. Click the Plus sign
  11. Search for “Play Sound” and select that.
  12. Click the Play icon on the bottom right and you should hear the sound

Repeat the above for “safe_to_touch.wav” and you’re all set.

Of course you could use any .wav file you have lying around (wink, wink) or do it to your colleague who leaves their phone unlocked. But then, I think AED training prompts are pretty cool, so I used those instead of the old Irene Adler Whip crack.

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  1. I can’t add anything to the shortcut folder how can I fix this issue?

    • Is the folder there? If so, try (if you have one) opening it on your Mac and moving a text file or something else small into it. If you do not have a Mac, use the Files app to create a new empty text file in it and see if what error you get.

      • I have the shortcuts folder but it doesn’t let me add anything to it

        • Did you try it on Mac or only on iOS? If you tried it only on iOS, can you create a new file in the folder?

          • I’m doing it on iOS and I can only create new folders inside that folder I tried adding file to the folder but it didn’t work and I tried moving files to the folder and the folders inside the folder

      • Im having the same problem. I have the shortcuts folder but it wont let me move the file into it

        • Did you try it on Mac or only on iOS? If you tried it only on iOS, can you create a new file in the folder?

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