Shadowed Unit Frames Config – Shadowlands

Shadowed Unit Frames setup for casual raiding, PvE, and PvP. Goes well with my Weak Auras and Plater configs. To install open SUF (/suf) and select “Layout Manager ➡ Import.” Paste the code linked below. It may take 30-60 seconds for the frames to install, don’t worry if your client seems to hang, this is normal. After that, it should take little to no power to keep them running.

Plater Nameplates for WoW (BFA and Shadowlands tested)

Nameplates for Plater, the thinking person’s nameplates. Used in our streams, and some people asked us how we did them, so here they are.

To download, open the link below and copy the string. Then import it as a “profile” in Plater (/plater to configure).

Plater strings are pretty long and if you’re running on a slightly anaemic machine this might “hang” the game for a second. Don’t worry, the final config won’t slow your machine down, it’s just the import and parsing that takes a second.

Important: this is a binary string. It might look scary, but no one is trying to “infect” your computer here. In general, however, always be careful when importing binary strings into your games. Luckily, Plater has a preview function and a warning system, so you know what you get when you get it.


Back in Cyprus. It’s hot and, for a city that consists mainly of dust and sand, surprisingly muggy in the evenings.

After six months in Germany, there are a few things I still have to get used to again. Like not flushing toilet paper and, instead, putting it into a bin next to the toilet itself. This is (more surprises) not as stinky as you’d expect it to be, closing lids be thanked. At UniHalls everyone threw their paper into the overflowing bins outside which, as the temperatures reached sweltering 40°C, started to smell really bad. I doubt this will happen here, and just in case my lid doesn’t close well, I bought some room freshener.

I’ve started working almost exclusively on the iPad the past few days, with the big monitor only working as a script and teleprompter and soft light for videos. Sadly even iPadOS 14 does not let me use the 16:9 4K resolution on it, so I just stay with my iPad’s display, it’s less aggravating.

Another thing, I am slowly getting used to, is the “deliver everything” culture. Sitting at my favorite vape store, everyone just orders coffee from a place down the street for delivery. For food, Wolt and Foody battle it out, with Foody offering more than just Pizza delivery, covering everything from Supermarket shopping to Vape liquids and electronics. Tomorrow, I am getting a delivery of cleaning supplies and a mop… Less SARS-CoV-2 exposure is always a good thing.

Speaking of SARS-2. Starting in May, the country didn’t take its rules serious at all anymore. They were still on the books, but after a month of being confined at home, only allowed one trip a day, which had to be announced by SMS and cops checking for the SMS reply with a 90 minute window, everyone went back to normal and cops didn’t check at all, didn’t bother.

Holiday season changed all that. Despite PCR requirements and checks at the borders, SARS-2 crept back in, and now we’re at 1385 cases (pop. 1 million) with 20 deaths. So we’re back to masks everywhere, even in bars and restaurants, even when eating. Yes, no one here knows how to do this, either. Restaurants that can, have put their chairs and tables outside, the rest went on Foody or Wolt.

I am a bit lonely. The people here are lovely, don’t get me wrong, but I miss chitchatting with my baker or butcher, the friendly “Griaß Eana” everyone (except those non-Bavarians) or “Griaß Di” hollers when passing, the smiling faces, the green around me. Everything here is brown and yellow.

But then, I am here for a reason. And the people, at least the ones you get to know, are as lovely, friendly, and inclusive, as “my” people in Bavaria or Alabama.

My new place is moved in. It’s small, a one room studio and some stuff had to be relocated to the (massive) back porch, but it’s homey and thanks to its size it always smells of tea and baked cookies. Yes, yes, I have an oven now and can bake. And two induction burners, so I can cook!

So, yeah, I am back. Let’s see how long this one takes, there are hints of a second wave shutdown, which might see me back in Germany sooner than anticipated. But for the time being… this is my home.

Bavarian Summertime Blues (a love letter)

With only hours to go until I am returning to Cyprus, I decided to do one last stroll past the moors of Gallow’s Lake. It’s a beautiful summer day, but the air hangs heavy with the harbingers of a coming thunderstorm. Time seems to stand still as not a blade moves, only the sounds of the animals of the bog are ever present and mix into a cacophonious melody praising the days of summer.

I fucking love Bavaria (#iflby), it is, was, and will always be my home. Its mountains and lakes, its humanity, nature, and the fact that no one cares who you are or where you’re from as long as you pay the next round at the local Boazn (dive bar) and have a compatible opinion on Bayern Munich vs. 1860 Munich.

Not one season is wasted in this area. Spring with its flower-covered alpine meadows, summer with its lazy afternoons at the lake or river, beer in hand, the fall and the smell of bread, wine, fireplaces, and hearty stews, and then winter, blanketing the state in white and bringing the other kind of migratory bird, Northerners, down here to ski, drink, and enjoy Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit.”

I’ll be gone, missing out on our 12’400 Christmas Markets, the winter solstice bonfires, and the calm of a winters day at home, writing and dreaming. But I’ll always be back, because once this state embraces you, welcomes you, you’ll always be a Bavarian. Until then, and until work and study pulls me back to Cyprus, I’ll sit here and wait for the thunderstorm. It, like everything in Bavaria, will be a little bigger, a little louder, but also a lot more beautiful.