Hi, I am Mikka.

I make data from sensors and sense from data.

I am blogging, writing long form, and can be found on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and the usual academic sites. (Why 106m.io?)

There is also a Blog. This is not a Blog. The Blog is in another castle.

I stream on Twitch with other academics where we discuss modern health care, public health, and health education while we frag each other and pwn noobs.

I am maintaining a list of unsung heroes of medicine.

Download some things from General Nerdery. Mostly small code and quality of life improvements for Shell, Health, and Games.

I am a medicine and PhD Student in medical education and philosophy at the European University Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus.

This is my personal website, so you’ll probably find a set of posts about me settling into a new life in a new place, interspersed with things of a more technical/nerd nature. This is very likely not the place to come to for up to date news, unless you consider my struggles with Greek and not throwing toilet paper into toilets “news.”

I’ve posted my “Rules to live by” online since 1999. They haven’t changed much.

On 106m.io we do care about your privacy. We also do care about providing a good product, which means we use Google Fonts and analyse (locally) our visitor traffic. If you're not OK with this, do not accept and leave now :)